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About the City

Located in the southern-western part of the Silesian REGION, on the outskirts of Upper-Silesian agglomeration, Knurów is the biggest administration unit in the commune of Gliwice. The town has over 40 000 inhabitants and occupies the area of 34 square kilometres.

Knurów - bird's-eye viewThe town is made up of three historical regions: Knurów, Krywałd and Szczygłowice. The main asset of Knurów is his location in the immediate vicinity of A4 eastwest highway with the nearest junction 4 km away from the town.  The town is near to Gliwice (9 km) and Rybnik (20 km) – big commercial and industrial centers, having great scientific and technical potential, as well as to Katowice (35 km) – the capital of the region.

The town is ruled by President chosen in direct elections for a four-year term. He performs his tasks with the help of two deputies, secretary and treasurer of the City. Actually The President of Knurow is Adam Rams. The body asAdam Rams - Mayor of Knurówsisting of the President of City is the Municipal Office. Moreover to the Municipal Office there are subordinated the following budgetary organisational units:

  • The Center of Culture (CK)
  • Municipal Center of Sport and Recreation (MOSiR)
  • Municipal Center of Social Aid (MOPS)
  • Municipal Complex of Educational Units (MZJOś)
  • Municipal Complex of Local Economy and Administration (MZGLiA)

The body making and supervising low in the municipality is the Municipal Council consisting of 21 councillores.  The council works through committees. To the task of the Council belong making decisions in all public matters, including passing the budget and the statutes of the city. Setting the level of taxes and local fees and taking resolutions in matters exceeding the scope of usual management. The leader of the Council is its Chairman and two deputy-Chairman.

An important role in town play associations and various community organisations. The largest in the city are the following: NGO

  • Polish Red Cross (PCK)
  • Honorary Blood Donors Clubs
  • Caritas Knurów
  • The Club of Teetotallers (,,Siódemka")
  • Knurow Diabetic Society
  • ,,Fronda" Society
  • Fundation of development of Knurow

Organisation of activities connected with sport is dealt with by the MOSiR.  The base of MOSiR are: Sport Hall, two Indoor Swimming Pool, Fittnes Club, Saunas, Forest Swimming Pool ,,Zacisze Leśne", City Stadium, Tennis Court and roller scating ground. At present in Knurów are many clubs and sport association. The most important are: aQuaRelax   

  • water lifesaving guard (WOPR Knurow)
  • football club ,,Concordia"
  • football club ,,Olimp'' Szczygłowice
  • boxing club BKS ,,Concordia"
  • strenght sport club UKS Eugen
  • amateur runner's club
  • TKKF Szczygłowice

In Knurow we have also teams and art groups such as:

  • animator Choir ,,Slavica Musa"
  • children dance group ,,Fantazja"
  • folklore group ,,Wrazidloki"
  • tenor singer Adam Sobierajski
  • Choir ,,Schola Cantorum"
  • Brass Band of coal mine Knurow
  • Michał Gasz with rock group Human Drive

Folklore group - Wrazidloki

Folklore group ,,Wrazidloki"

Culture in town provides by the institution of culture which was created for this purpose i.e. the Center of Culture, which manages the following units: town library, ,,Casino" cinema, local culture club ,,Sztukateria", as well as House of Culture in Szczygłowice.

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