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Town economy

Owing to natural resources, rich deposits of high quality coking coal, Knurów has developed chiefly mining industry, represented by KWK Knurów-Szczygłowice (Knurów-Szczygłowice Coalmine). This biggest plant in Knurów employ the total of 7000 people.

However for several years, Knurów has been trying to change into a centre having a diversified economy structure. There is also a well-developed network of financial services available among others in banks, credit agencies and the Silesian Co-operative Savings Credit Bank. One of the leading sectors of town economy is housing represented by two co-operatives, which own over 50% of housing resources.

The town development is favoured by the presence of private economic subjects on the market, this big ones, mostly in the branch of services, electronic and construction industry as well micro-enterprises.


The assets of the town include:

Road in KnurówExperience in the area of investment – one of the biggest projects was rendered for use in 2003, with participation of PHARE 2000 fund, a part of Szpitalna Street along with the junction with national road DK-78. In 2004, within the scope of MTBS Sp. z o.o. Tarnowskie Góry, 120 flats were built. In 2005, with the financial contribution of the Silesian province government, the first roundabout was built, which improved the system of urban traffic and had a positive influence on the town’s safety. Also a 3 km-long part of a water supply system for the estate and coal-mine of Szczygłowice was rendered for use, a historical building of the town hall and swimming pool ,,Aqua Relax" were renovated.

Town HallStable labour market – ensured by coal-mine which despite the ongoing process of mining industry restructuring, belong to the leaders in their branch and have resources which enable mining to be continued after 2020;

Well-ordered municipal waste management – is  the form of modern ecological environment;

Consistent and clear development policy – Knurów has Development Strategy for years 2005-2015, Long-term Financial Plan as well as a local plan of spatial development covering over 99% of the commune area;Map

Favourable location – Knurów is situated at the intersection of two international high-ways: A4 - east-west and A1 - north-south, which is currently under construction, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the biggest inland port in Europe (the Gliwice Canal connecting Gliwice with the Odra River);

Having a big rail junction within the borders of the town.

The nearest years will elapse under the banner of further investments, mostly into environmental protection infrastructure and urban traffic system of the town.

Traffic circle in KnurówAmong others will be continued the new sewage treatment plant. Documentation on the planned extension and modernization of water-sewage infrastructure is being prepared. Residential housing will continue to be developed within the framework of TBS (another two residential buildings) as well as investments into urban traffic and pedestrian routes.

 Another challenge to the town is the question of managing post-industrial areas and revitalising the old housing estates.

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